Below are a few links that will help you to better understand OSHA regulations as well as resources you can use within your workplace.
  • Click here for a FREE workplace poster used to inform workers of their rights under the Occupational Safety and health Act. All covered employers are required to display this poster in the workplace; but it is not necessary to replace an already displayed OSHA poster. The poster comes in multiple languages should your company have a need.
  • Click here to be directed to The University of South Florida website dedicated to OSHA. This link directs you to the homepage of their OSHA content. They have made it much easier to find the information you need. Looking for a self-inspection checklist toolbox?
  • Click here! There are various checklist available for you to use for various different work-sites. Just simply click on the red words “Toolbox Topics”.
  • Click here to access informative safety pamphlets made available by USF  on topics of: On-Site Consultaion, Construction Accidents, Construction Fall Protection, and Effective Safety Program. Click on the one that you need and it will download as a PDF for you to either read or have for your office. 
  • Click here for information on the USF SafetyFlorida FREE Consultation program. This is a voluntary activity. 

The On-Site Consultants Will:

  • Help you recognize hazards in your workplace
  • Suggest general approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem
  • Identify kinds of help available if you need further assistance
  • Provide you a written report summarizing findings
  • Assist you to develop or maintain an effective safety and health program
  • Provide training and education for you and your employees
  • Recommend you for a one-year exclusion from OSHA programmed inspections, once program criteria are met.


The On-Site Consultants Will Not:

  • Issue citations or propose penalties for violations of OSHA standards.
  • Report possible violations to OSHA enforcement staff.
  • Guarantee that your workplace will "pass" an OSHA inspection.