Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB)

The purpose of the Construction Industry Licensing Board is to regulate the various groups within the construction industry. The CILB requires that every member of the industry complete 14 hours of continuing education courses every two years in order to stay licensed. To get started, just choose a link below...

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    CILB Meetings


    Important decisions about your license are made at the Florida CILB. The Board meets for three days each month from January through November.

    The meetings deal with disciplinary action, involve deliberation about the proper scope of work within each license category (opinion letters are issued with decisions) and other important policy issues are discussed.

    The requirements for Continuing Education and the implementation of a public awareness program regarding unlicensed activities are among other important issues frequently considered by this Board and its committees.

    Licensed contractors can receive up to four hours of CILB-approved CE credit for attending the disciplinary proceedings with advance approval from the Board. Contact them for more information

    The calendar of committee meetings and agenda material is posted prior to each meeting at the CILB Web site.